[lug] Attempted hack from

Daniel Webb webb at robust.colorado.edu
Thu Apr 25 01:34:12 MDT 2002

On Wed, 24 Apr 2002, Nate Duehr wrote:

> >   The problem was the exploit used on me had long ago been patched
> > (the current Redhat wouldn't install on my machine due to bugs in the
> > installer),
> > so I wouldn't have seen it on any of the security watch mailing lists or
> > web sites.  I couldn't even find it on *Redhat's* website after
> > the fact when I knew the exploit.  Now that I have been using Linux a
> > little longer, I know about the alternate ways of automating Redhat
> > package updates, but it still doesn't beat the built-in power of apt-get.
> Gotcha.  And agreed on apt... wonderful tool.  The fairly recent addition of
> the attempt to download source dependencies when downloading source packages
> for builds is REALLY nice.

  You mean auto-apt?  I just used it the other day to build a source
tree of a program that doesn't have a debian package.  As the compile went
along, it would barf with "can't find header <something>.h", at which
point apt-get would go out and get whatever it needed.  Sounds like it
would be flakey, but in my case, it downloaded two needed libraries,
restarted the compile and compiled correctly.  Sweet!

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