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Michael D. Hirsch mdhirsch at mail.com
Thu Apr 25 01:33:04 MDT 2002

Timothy C. Klein writes:
 > * hirsch at zapmedia.com (hirsch at zapmedia.com) wrote:
 > > I have three suggestions.  First, why reiserfs?  In my experience ext3
 > > is as good for most purposes, and you can convert that in place.
 > Havne't benchmarked myself, but I have read that with dirs that have
 > lots of small files, reiser is 10-15 times better than ext2/ext3.

Yes, that is true.  And I think it is a little slower for lots of
small files.

 > > Second, given that you want to convert to reiserfs, make the partition
 > > /dev/hda10 and mount it on say /spare with
 > >     mount -t reiserfs /dev/hda10 -o notail
 > > The "-o notail" is important.  It tells reiserfs not to try to save
 > > space by having lots of files put their leftover data in a shared
 > > sector.  You need to do this so lilo will work.  If you have a
 > > separate /boot partition this is the partition to mount notail.  With
 > > reiser you really should have a separate /boot partition.
 > I don't think the notail is strictly needed anymore.  I think the
 > problem was fixed.  At least, I have ran root from a reiser partition, I
 > didn't use that option, and all worked fine.

You are right.  If you are running lilo 21.6 or later you are okay
according to the FAQ at http://www.namesys.com/.  Thanks, I didn't
know that.


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