[lug] Problems with CDRECORD and SuSE 7.3

Antonio Pagliaro Antonio.Pagliaro at ifcai.pa.cnr.it
Fri Apr 26 09:18:04 MDT 2002

If this can help, the only difference is that in dummy mode 
the problem arises later (say track 10 or 11), while in 
real writing it arises randomly but always before track 8
(so far)...
Weird... isn't it?

> How old is your burner?  Do you have any reasons to believe that it
> might be damaged or failing?
> The reasons that I'm asking those questions is because I've seen similar
> errors from an old Mitsumi burner.  It slowly became unusable as the
> errors (and resulting "coasters") became more and more frequent.
> Burners are cheap these days, I'd consider buying (or borrowing from a
> friend) another one and see if that fixes things.
> hth,
> Ed

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