[lug] Star Office, OpenOffice...

LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Fri Apr 26 11:46:36 MDT 2002

Hey all,

In order to track this problem down (missing 'setup.ins' after installing), I 
created a umsdos "folder" on my FAT32 drive.  I'm pretty sure it's functioning, 
because now when I install OpenOffice I get links, and file permissions are 
not all RWX!  But, I *still* have no "setup.ins" file in the "program" 
directory!  Very strange.  I tried installing the latest stable OpenOffice, and 
StarOffice 5.2.  I run both installs with the '-net' option, as root, but for 
some reason "setup.ins" does not get created in the program folder, and when I 
try to run 'soffice' as root or as myself (regular user), I get a setup error 
dialog that says, "Can find .../program/setup.ins.  Setup cannot continue"!!!

Hmmm....  At this point it a race.  If I can get M$ Word and Excel working with 
wine, I'll go that route.  I'm just about there, I just cannot open or save 
files in both Word and Excel.


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