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Fri Apr 26 13:16:58 MDT 2002

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On Friday 26 April 2002 08:32 am, Hugh Brown wrote:
> My company is moving toward using pgp to encrypt emails and other such
> things.  I planned on using gnupg on the linux machines, but I am having
> a hard time finding anything for the windows side.  Everything says,
> non-commercial use only, but you can't find anything about it (which
> sort of makes sense since NAI axed it).
> Anyone know if it is possible to get pgp for windows (or if there is
> something else that is compatible with gnupg)?

GPG on windows works great.  Get it at http://www.gnupg.org (Specifically,

This (like all versions of GPG) is a command line tool.

There are some slick front-ends for windows.  The most general is WinPT
(Windows Privacy Tray,http://www.winpt.org/ ), which sits in the system tray
and allows you to encrypt, encrypt/sign, decrypt, and decrypt/verify the
contents of the clipboard with two clicks.  It also front-ends key management
functions and file encryption.

I can recommend WinPT from personal experience.  The info that follows is
 just general, untested info.  I can't vouch for any of this stuff.

You didn't mention what mail agents you need to support.  I'm guessing that
not all of your windows users are going to be okay with using GPG on the
command line.  There is a list of front ends at
http://www.gnupg.org/frontends.html but they are almost all for UNIX

The same guys make an Outlook Express plugin.  It is at

There is an Outlook plugin at http://www3.gdata.de/gpg/download.html.  I have
trouble getting to their site sometimes.  I am unclear what the terms of use
on this thing are, but they seem to make source code available.

There is a Eudora plugin at http://www.goose24.org/software/eudoragpg.shtml

This thing scares me, and frankly, I wouldn't use it, but it does allow all
windows email clients to use GPG.  http://sites.inka.de/tesla/gpgrelay.html

Good Luck!

- -Peter

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