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Fri Apr 26 13:20:34 MDT 2002

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On Friday 26 April 2002 11:46 am, LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu wrote:
> Hey all,
> In order to track this problem down (missing 'setup.ins' after installing),
> I created a umsdos "folder" on my FAT32 drive.  I'm pretty sure it's
> functioning, because now when I install OpenOffice I get links, and file
> permissions are not all RWX!  But, I *still* have no "setup.ins" file in
> the "program" directory!  Very strange.  I tried installing the latest
> stable OpenOffice, and StarOffice 5.2.  I run both installs with the '-net'
> option, as root, but for some reason "setup.ins" does not get created in
> the program folder, and when I try to run 'soffice' as root or as myself
> (regular user), I get a setup error dialog that says, "Can find
> .../program/setup.ins.  Setup cannot continue"!!!

Have you tried running [OpenOffice dir]/program/setup before trying to run

I have a working OpenOffice (-net install) on my system but no file

I just installed another user to make sure it is working.

Is it possible you are running some bunk binary that is on your path by
mistake?  For example, if you installed OpenOffice in
/mnt/umsdos/usr/local/OpenOffice.org641 you need to run

If you just run "setup" who knows what will run?

Also, the error you posted above is questionable.  Why would it complain that
it /Can/ find a file?  Are the three dots a typo as well?  Three dots means
grandparent in DOS, but means nothing (in particular, it is a valid
filename*) in UNIX.

Attention to detail is key.

- -Peter

* and of course, directories are files, so .../program/setup.ins /could/ be a
valid path, but there would have to be a directory called ... in the pwd.

- -P

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