[lug] Star Office, OpenOffice...

LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu LittleViggy at alum.manhattan.edu
Fri Apr 26 13:39:06 MDT 2002

> Have you tried running [OpenOffice dir]/program/setup before trying to run
> soffice?

Yup, both 'soffice' and 'setup' give me the same error.

> I have a working OpenOffice (-net install) on my system but no file
> "setup.ins."
> I just installed another user to make sure it is working.
> Is it possible you are running some bunk binary that is on your path by
> mistake?  For example, if you installed OpenOffice in
> /mnt/umsdos/usr/local/OpenOffice.org641 you need to run
> /mnt/umsdos/usr/local/OpenOffice.org641/program/setup.

Nope, not a path thing.  I explicitly call the program, 

> If you just run "setup" who knows what will run?

Actually, Slackware's setup program will run!!!  :-)

> Also, the error you posted above is questionable.  Why would it complain that
> it /Can/ find a file?  Are the three dots a typo as well?  Three dots means
> grandparent in DOS, but means nothing (in particular, it is a valid
> filename*) in UNIX.

That's FFS (Fat Finger Symdrome).  I mean't to say "Can't".  I didn't feel like 
typing the whole folder, but it gives me the full path to where it expects the 
setup program to be, "/fat-d/linux/OpenOffice.org641/program/setup.ins"  Sorry. 
 I was just being lazy!


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