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John Karns jkarns at csd.net
Fri Apr 26 21:22:16 MDT 2002

On Thu, 25 Apr 2002, Timothy C. Klein said:

> * hirsch at zapmedia.com (hirsch at zapmedia.com) wrote:
> > I have three suggestions.  First, why reiserfs?  In my experience ext3
> > is as good for most purposes, and you can convert that in place.
> Havne't benchmarked myself, but I have read that with dirs that have
> lots of small files, reiser is 10-15 times better than ext2/ext3.

And doesn't use of ext3 still invoke e2fsck periodically as did ext2?
That was my understanding from one of the lists I'm on - can't remember if
it was blug or not.  Anyway if so, then that would be one reason I would
prefer reiser.

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