[lug] Re: OT:pgp for windows (Hugh Brown)

Alan Hanna (home) alan-hanna at cyberonic.com
Fri Apr 26 23:04:46 MDT 2002

>  My company is moving toward using pgp to encrypt emails and other such
>  things.  I planned on using gnupg on the linux machines, but I am having
>  a hard time finding anything for the windows side.  Everything says,
>  non-commercial use only, but you can't find anything about it (which
>  sort of makes sense since NAI axed it).

>  Anyone know if it is possible to get pgp for windows (or if there is
>  something else that is compatible with gnupg)?

>  Hugh

Phil Zimmerman has a few suggestions on his website at:


including a link to a commercial site that seems to still carry the 
downloadable version of the now-discontinued McAfee product
from NAI for commercial use.  I suppose the more fundamental
question would be about your company's willingness to accept a
discontinued product ion the assumption that a viable commercial
sponsor of PGP will eventually emerge.  Good luck.


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