[lug] perl question

Walter Pienciak walter at frii.com
Sun Apr 28 09:48:33 MDT 2002

On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, j davis wrote:

> Hi,
> i know i should be adressing this question to a perl group but they
> would proably flame me.
> snip..

I don't see a smiley, so I assume this was a serious concern.

The local Perl group (boulder.pm) has never flamed anyone, I think.
Sure, if you go onto Usenet and ask on comp.lang.perl.misc,
it's a large and diverse enough group that someone is sure to
ack like a jackass.  I don't think that's a Perl phenomenon,
but rather a Usenet phenomenon.  (Just follow co.general for
a week.)

Boulder.pm has a fairly low traffic list (it won't stuff your
mailbox full every day); info on subscribing is at http://boulder.pm.org/


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