[lug] perl question

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 28 13:18:12 MDT 2002

thank you for the info...i find that alot of list love to flame
newbies or the list gets so much mail that no one will answer your questions 
or if they do its hidden in the 5000 other mails you get from
the list. You addressed both of my concerns...so ill check it out. FYI
the general samba list at samba.org is much like the crappy mail list
we are talking about.....so if anyone has samba questions i advice you
find a diffrent list...however the netfilter list at samba.org is 
awesome!...lots of smart nice people like BLUG :)

thanks all,

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>On Sat, 27 Apr 2002, j davis wrote:
> > Hi,
> >
> > i know i should be adressing this question to a perl group but they
> > would proably flame me.
> >
> > snip..
>I don't see a smiley, so I assume this was a serious concern.
>The local Perl group (boulder.pm) has never flamed anyone, I think.
>Sure, if you go onto Usenet and ask on comp.lang.perl.misc,
>it's a large and diverse enough group that someone is sure to
>ack like a jackass.  I don't think that's a Perl phenomenon,
>but rather a Usenet phenomenon.  (Just follow co.general for
>a week.)
>Boulder.pm has a fairly low traffic list (it won't stuff your
>mailbox full every day); info on subscribing is at http://boulder.pm.org/
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