[lug] Speaking of old monitors

Rob Mohr robmohr at earthnet.net
Mon May 6 21:36:35 MDT 2002

> On Thursday 02 May 2002 17:45, you wrote:
> > Speaking of toxic waste from monitors, I believe that Eco-Cycle now
> > takes old computer hardware at their drop-off site.  I don't know what
> > they do with it.

About two months ago the New York Times had a bit of an expose on what
happens to monitors collected at various US "eco-cycle" centers. 

The junk is packed into shipping containers and ends up in spots in China.
Poor Chineses bust up the monitors by hand to get the 10 pounds of lead as
well as other base metals.  This activity is done with zero local
environmental controls nor concern for the health risks to the

But as the article reported, "it sure feels good to recycle," this being a
typical remark at a US recycle center.  (I believe that Boulder Weekly did
an article on this, too.)  

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