[lug] Speaking of old monitors

Tkil tkil at scrye.com
Mon May 6 22:14:24 MDT 2002

>>>>> "Rob" == Rob Mohr <robmohr at earthnet.net> writes:

Rob> The junk is packed into shipping containers and ends up in spots
Rob> in China.  Poor Chineses bust up the monitors by hand to get the
Rob> 10 pounds of lead as well as other base metals.  This activity is
Rob> done with zero local environmental controls nor concern for the
Rob> health risks to the participants.

This looks like a link to the relevant reports:


>>>>> "Hugh" == Hugh Brown <hugh at vecna.com> writes:

Hugh> So what's a conscientious recycler to do?

Buy less.  :)  Prefer beige boxes that can be upgraded, to prebuilt
boxes from the big names which try to lock you in to one generation,
so you buy a whole new box to upgrade.

As for what to do with the stuff you've got already, there are some
links here:


And some info for Colorado in particular:


No comment about where this stuff is actually sent, however.

I remember seeing an article about a company that charged for the
service, but would hand-disassemble computers to get at the various
recyclables.  Trying to find a link...

Searching on /. yielded this, which is close:


Maybe I was remembering EnviroCycle, which claims to have their own
dismantling operation (although their web designers should be taken
out and shot -- this link is to a page that appears to be a scan of
their brochure.  Gag.)


Linked off


Which talks about IBM offering it for 30$/box or so.

I really like the idea of reuse, but some of the stuff I own is just
completely useless for most purposes (e.g., fixed-freq workstation

Good luck,

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