rsync was Re: [lug] ssh compression

Hugh Brown hugh at
Tue May 7 08:22:29 MDT 2002

Thanks to all those who contributed.  Peter suggested I do a backup of
the stuff that I rsync over.  I get to be able to restore to a given
point in time and I don't get killed on the bandwidth.

This is what I have right now for the rsync part:


# make the filesystem writable
/bin/mount -o remount,rw /backup

# Tell rsync to use ssh as the transfer mechanism
export RSYNC_RSH=/usr/bin/ssh
# List of dirs on dst-host to backup
BACKUP_DIRS="/var/named /etc /var/spool/mail /home"

# rsync only likes one directory at a time
for DIR in $BACKUP_DIRS; do

  /usr/bin/rsync --verbose \
                 --backup-dir /backup/rsync/dst-host.bak \
                 --update \
                 --stats \
                 --bwlimit=16 \
                 --relative \
                 --archive \
                 --compress \
                 --delete \
                 dst-host:${DIR} \


# Make sure all data has been written out and then remount
# the filesystem read-only

/bin/umount /backup
# fsck gripes about how often the filesystem is mounted
/sbin/fsck -a /dev/hdc1
/bin/mount /backup

Am I doing anything obviously stupid?

I want the host that I run the script from just to copy down what's on
dst-host.  I never want it to delete anything on dst-host, but if
something disappears on dst-host, I want it to be deleted on the

Also, my isp's bandwidth limit is 128kbps.  The --bwlimit is in Kbytes. 
Am I right in setting it at 16 because 128k bit/s * (1 byte/8 bit) = 16

Thanks again for all the help.


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