[lug] Change of talk

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Tue May 7 10:37:35 MDT 2002

Hi, everyone.

Our speakers for Thursday are going to have to reschedule, since it
seems like most of the interest is in licensing issues - the license
specialist could give a talk in August, but can't come this Thursday.

So, because it's so close to the meeting date, I'm proposing that we
do a bunch of 10-minute demos. If you've been scheduled for a demo in
the coming months and would like to do it sooner, let me know. If
you've got a program you'd like to show off, I'd like to hear from
you!  This seems easier than asking someone to throw together a full
talk in two days...

Sorry for the last-minuteness of this.

Chris Riddoch       | epistemological
socket at peakpeak.com | humility

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