[lug] support for raw i/o

Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Wed May 8 16:56:22 MDT 2002

You might find the following PDF helpful. Starting on about page 20 is
discussion on configuring raw devices. It's put out by SuSE, but most of it
should be fairly generic.


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From: Hugh Brown [mailto:hugh at vecna.com]
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Subject: [lug] support for raw i/o

How can I tell if raw i/o is part of the default kernel for redhat?

I'd like to learn where to look (not just be told yes/no).

I tried grep -i raw * in the configs directory and it all seemed related
to firewire.  I do have /dev/raw/  but I know the presence of a device
node under /dev doesn't mean that it is supported.  Google just says 2.4
supports raw i/o but I haven't seen much on how to configure it, etc. 
Still looking.


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