[lug] HOSTNAME question

Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Thu May 9 09:17:01 MDT 2002

It was probably set by DHCP. You may be using either "pump" or "dhcpcd" as
your DHCP client. Both have man pages that discuss hostname issues, and
"dhcpcd" has a doc directory that may have more information.

Make sure your DHCP client is configured the way it should be. My guess (and
it's only a guess) is that you really do want it to change your host name
and that it is not doing it.

Please let us know if you find the cause of the problem and its solution.


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I once thought I understood enough about how this worked.

I am using attbi.com for my ISP, and have one of their cable modems.
This worked with no problems for more than a few months.  I had an
IP address that changed, but not often.

Recently, when startx is setting up, I get a message box that says
the hostname is bad and gnome won't work properly; some or all hosts
may not be accessible, or words to that effect.  I am able to contact
my department machine on campus, read e-mail, run xdvi and gs as well
as a TeX front-end editor.  I am able to download my mail from
mail.attbi.com, and reach every web site that I have tried to reach.

Now for what I can't do.  The most important at the moment is that I
can't print from netscape, just an ascii file using lpr, or a dvi file
using dvilj (HP1100).  The complaint is that dhcp-xxx-xxx is a bad
hostname.  For starters, I don't know how it got set to that.  I had
another name in /etc/hosts.

Please just direct me to something that will help correct my ignorance.
I am not asking for detailed instructions on this list.


Arlan Ramsay

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