[lug] Speaking of old monitors

Daniel Webb webb at robust.colorado.edu
Thu May 9 10:19:37 MDT 2002

On 6 May 2002, Tkil wrote:
> I really like the idea of reuse, but some of the stuff I own is just
> completely useless for most purposes (e.g., fixed-freq workstation
> CRTs)

  Fixed-frequency monitors can usually be set up to work with XFree86 even
on less expensive graphics cards.  The kind with separate sync are the
easiest; you just buy a VGA to 5 BNC cable.  The sync-on-green are
trickier; you have to buy or make a sync-on-green adapter for around $50.
Speaking of which, I am doing this right now with an old HP A2094A
monitor, but all I have is a 2 Meg graphics card.  Since it is a
fixed-resolution 12xx X 1024, I can't get 16 bit color, which is necessary
because multi-head operation under XFree86 requires both cards to be
running at the same color depth.  Anyone have an old graphics card to
either give me or sell very cheap?  Help a recycler out, this monitor was
in the trash pile (but works, I have already tested).

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