[lug] Ximian evolution and IMAP/SSL

Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Thu May 9 13:46:25 MDT 2002

I'm using evolution 1.0.3 and it supports IMAP/SSL. Or, I should say that I
have used it. I'm giving up on it because it is such a resource hog. And
unless one installs all of Ximian Gnome (which breaks distro upgrades), the
various Red Hat components break in odd ways.

Mozilla's mail client works better for me. The mail support in the recent
versions of Mozilla has gotten much better.


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In the past evolution has supported IMAP over SSL.  In the current
release I can't find where I could set up SSL anymore.  
Did they drop IMAP/SSL support since it had a tendency to crash
evolution in earlier releases?  Strange that they would require to send

plain text passwords over the net.


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