[lug] Seeking recommendations for computer builder

Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Mon May 13 13:33:46 MDT 2002

I'll second the PC City recommendation. Their component prices are usually
pretty fair. If you need it same day, they are a good bet, but you can most
assuredly find it cheaper online. They mostly have low-end stuff (no
high-end video cards, SCSI drives and controllers, or dual CPU mobos). I'm
not sure how Linux-savvy they are.

I only build my own systems. That way I have complete control over the
components, and I generally know what will work with Linux and what won't
(or can find out pretty darned quick). I buy online almost exclusively these
days. You just have to be careful about shipping charges. If you aren't
careful you can pay significantly more overall by buying from many
inexpensive vendors than by spending your money at one or two vendors with
decent prices.

With that said, I did seriously consider buying a pre-fabbed Dell last time
around. My experience with their servers (pre-installed w/Red Hat) has been
superb. And I'd also consider an OS-less Wal-Mart box these days.

As far as costs go, if you need a complete system, pre-fabbed is usually
cheapest. I usually re-use bits and pieces from other machines when building
a new box, so I save over the cost of a pre-fab machine by not having to buy
some of the basic components (video cards, CD-ROMs, hard drives, etc.).


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Ferdinand Schmid wrote:

>Are you interested in doing it yourself?  Many of us here can help you
>select parts and then you get to save some money along with the
>gratification of having built your own PC.  Most of the time is spent
>finding the exact hardware you like.
This might be an option. I've taken PC's down to the motherboard and 
reassembled them, but have never been brave to build one from components.

I'll have to think about it and see what the pro's want to charge to 
build one.


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