[lug] Seeking recommendations for computer builder

carter s johnson carter.johnson at juno.com
Mon May 13 15:01:51 MDT 2002

I'd build it yourself  and  definitely use online vendors such as:
krex.com, computergeeks.com dirtcheapdrives.com, overstock.com, etc - 
We build three to 10 systems per month for our non-profit partners using
online vendors. If you work your shipping charges right, it can 
be alot cheaper than going to a local shop for parts (although there are
alot a decent guys who run those box shops- unfortunately and
understandably they usually have an extremely  limited selection to
choose from, although you should check because sometimes they 
have great advertised deals in the free mags.).With a homebuilt you can
get exactly what you want for alot less if you're willing to look around
online,. I just finished building a Pentium IV 2.0 Ghz system for a west
slope organization for about $1000 less than what I could find in a
comparable prebuilt system. My advice is pickup a copy of Maximum PC,
find the parts you want and then take up the offers of free advice and
help from this listserv. Building a system with Linux compatibility is
probably the easiest part of the process, buy namebrand parts that you
can check out..The hard part with homebuilt systems is being mad at the
manufacturer when your computer crashes.

Good luck,

Carter S. Johnson
Circuit Rider
Colorado Environmental Coalition

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