[lug] dvd::rip and transcode

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Tue May 14 12:20:18 MDT 2002


I am ripping a dvd to avi using linux for the first time. Everything
seems to be going fine....the very first time i tried this i used mencoder 
encode (comes with mplayer) any way this left the audio and video out of 
sink, but
it was way faster than using transcode!!! mencoder took 3 hours or so , dvd 
has been running for 13 hours and claming another 15 is still needed. Is 
this normal?
dvd::rip and transcode are also deinterlacing and running "nice 10". Is it 
the nice 10 that is killing me? I have looked at the chapters that are 
already done...look good and they work!


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