[lug] Web Layers

Paul Bille Paul at ebille.cudenver.edu
Wed May 15 13:20:42 MDT 2002

Wayde > What is the primary reason for using layers in web page design?

I use layers so I can re-use image files.  For example: instead of having a
map to your business location and another map to my business location, I
have just one base map with overlays for various locations producing
significant savings in disk space and band width.
	http://bille.cudenver.edu/maps/hyatt.html - Hyatt
	http://bille.cudenver.edu/maps/marriott.html - Marriott
	http://bille.cudenver.edu/maps/jackson.html - Jackson's NW
	http://bille.cudenver.edu/maps/jacksonse.html - Jackson's DTC

There are several examples that use the same base map at:
	http://bille.cudenver.edu/maps - Maps

I also use it for forms.  I use a blank form as a base layer and overlay the
particular data:
	http://bille.cudenver.edu/flexnet/how2/outlook1.html - Forms example

P.S. Netscape layers have been deprecated.  The layer functionality is now
implemented in Cascading Style Sheets using absolute positioning.  See HTML

P.P.S.  I'm looking for work.  Anyone have any suggestions?


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