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Michael J. Hammel mjhammel at graphics-muse.org
Wed May 15 15:38:00 MDT 2002

Thus spoke J. Wayde Allen
> What is the primary reason for using layers in web page design?

Position dependent client side interactivity.  A page with layers can be
loaded with multiple content intended for the same location (pixel offsets)
within a browser window and scripting that makes only one set of content
show up in that space at any given time.  

I used (though not very well - it doesn't load in anything but Netscape)
layers to pop up details on news blurbs from sites linked to the front page
of graphics-muse.com.  That page is way-waaaaay out of date now, but it was
interesting building it.  I used perl to generate the page with layers and

If you ever load a page that has those little flies buzzing around that
follow your mouse, those are done in layers and DHTML.  That's just a
clever trick, but more useful stuff is possible.  Layers do for position
dependent content what frames did for navigation (though not everyone likes
frames, of course).

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