[lug] Web Layers

Paul Bille Paul at ebille.cudenver.edu
Thu May 16 18:25:10 MDT 2002

Sean > the DIA logo in the upper right seems *WAY* off.
>	http://bille.cudenver.edu/maps/hyatt.html - Hyatt
>	http://bille.cudenver.edu/maps/marriott.html - Marriott

It only effects Netscape v6.2.2.  I hate when that happens!

Cascading Style Sheets are still a little funky with the variety of browsers
in use.  Everything looked fine with MSIE v6.0, Netscape v4.79 but you're
right, one of the elements was mis-positioned when displayed with Netscape
v6.2.2.  The white backdrop element was correctly positioned but the
overlying graphic was mis-positioned.

I changed a <span> tag to a <div> tag and it looks o.k. now.

Thanks for the "heads up"

P.S.  I've observed a problem with the Netscape browser v6.0+ being unable
to manage multiple imbedded levels of span and paragraph code blocks.  I
finally had to stop closing paragraphs with </p> because Netscape was acting
funky.  I don't think closing paragraphs with </p> is required any longer in
HTML 4.0.  Anyone else know anything about this?

Good Catch Sean!


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