[lug] Web Layers

Paul Bille Paul at ebille.cudenver.edu
Fri May 17 12:17:22 MDT 2002

t. > what do you mean by "embedded" here?

I'm drifting a bit from the original topic but the tie in is that
positioning, as in layers, is an obvious indicator of problems with my
paragraph and span tags.

I started closing paragraph tags a long time ago.  Good intentions but it's
apparently based on a bad assumption.  Netscape v4.79 tolerated this bad
syntax as does MSIE.  Netscape v6.0 has a problem but this appears to be
because it's BAD SYNTAX.  My fault.
</p>  <!--  This is bad -->

<p /> <!-- This is recommended -->
What I experienced was after doing a few

paragraph here.
</p>  <!--  This is bad -->

Paragraph there.
</p>  <!--  This is bad -->

Followed by a
<span style="
The position commands are ignored.  For that matter, no style commands in
the span tag are expressed.

At first I didn't know what the problem was however I observed that if I
eliminate all the </p> commands, everything works o.k.  LIkewise if I
replace  the <span> stream style tags with <div> tags the problem went away.
Thanks to the comments  I've received, I now suspect the problem is due to
bad syntax.  My fault.  I'll refrain from closing paragraphs with </p> and
instead open them with
<p />
I believe I'm also suffering from a bad habit of using SPAN elements as if
they are block level tags when they are in fact stream level.  Here's the

When I use span tags to delimit a block that contain HREFs with images as
the tag as in this example:

<span style="
<a href="http://bille.cudenver.edu/"><img src="tags.gif"></a>
the style commands are not expressed.

Again, if I change the SPAN to DIV, everything works.  I expect it's because
the span tag is stream level while div is block level.

Thanks for the suggestions.


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