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Riggs, Rob RRiggs at doubleclick.net
Fri May 17 14:30:36 MDT 2002

That sounds like a reasonable approach to me. I'd be concerned with Sendmail
and OpenLDAP, both of which use DB files, IIRC. The nice thing about RPMs is
that if something does break, you can fix it pretty easily by reinstalling
the older RPM.

The db files in /etc/mail can be rebuilt easily enough if you do run into
problems. But it would be a wise idea to verify you have a good backup in
any case.


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I need to update my RH 7.1 box to have db3 version 3.3, currently it has
only 3.1. Only problem is that the RH rpm's at that version are provided
ONLY for RH 7.3, not 7.1. If I download the source rpm and rebuild then
install, can anyone give me an idea if there is a possibility I will
break something important?

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