[lug] Can't write but 56% free?

Barney Treadway barney at treadways.org
Tue Jun 11 23:23:14 MDT 2002

Well I'm hosed here. I had a partition get close to filling and all of a
sudden qmail stops working for local maildirs so I run around zapping
extraneous crap and now I'm only at 56% full. That don't help as Qmail still
won't deliver to this partition and when I try to joe even a 2 line file I
get the Error Opening File message.

I don't even know what to ask a mailing list search or a google search to
get started on this, "partition screwed" doesn't get me on the right track

we're running linux 2.2, (with plenty inodes now)

Can anyone point the right direction? Or contact me directly and I'll pay,
buy the round, whatever...

Thanks in advance!

Barney Treadway

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