[lug] free racks needing a good home

Charles Morrison cmorrison at greeleynet.com
Mon Jul 15 11:17:32 MDT 2002


In the process of upgrading systems. As a result, we have a couple dozen 
compaq racks that we need to dispose of. These are 8' tall (+ a few 
inches if you include the wheels), 23" wide and 30" deep. They have been 
holding 10 5U compaq alpha workstations each (which have been sold 
separately, sorry...). They are black in color and include the shelves 
and sliding rails the workstations were on and the cable management 
hardware. Most do not have side covers as they were attached side to side.

Unless we can get some interest in these racks we will probably end up 
scraping them, which goes against my ethics. Please email me separate 
from the list if you can use some of these. They will be available in a 
week or so.

Oh, the tie in to the list is that these were all housing workstations 
running linux, as will be the replacements.

Chuck Morrison

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