[lug] KRUD installation hang-up

kevin at scrye.com kevin at scrye.com
Mon Jul 15 16:50:24 MDT 2002

>>>>> "John" == John Dollison <johndollison at hotmail.com> writes:

John> My older computer is a dual-boot system that was running Win98
John> and eDesktop 2.4.  I decided to reformat the Linux partions and
John> install KRUD.  I went with mostly the default options, and
John> everything seemed fine until near the end, where it locked
John> during the "post-installation configuration".  I had to do a
John> hard reset.  Any ideas as to what may have gone wrong, or how to
John> interactively troubleshoot it to see what setup step is causing
John> it to hang?  I admit that I'm pretty much a newbie on Linux.

You can check in the /root/install.log and /root/install.log-syslog. 
Also, you can do a 'control-alt-f4' or 'control-alt-f5' and see if it
has printed any error messages from the installer. 

John> The hardware is as follows: Intel SE440BX-2 motherboard with
John> PIII-500 128 MB RAM 30GB Western Digital hard drive Matrox
John> Mystique 4MB video card (don't laugh, it works....)  SB Live
John> sound card Allied Telesyn AT-2500 NIC Boca 33.6 modem Sony 48x
John> CR-ROM Internal 6-port USB hub

That all sounds fine. 

John> Thanks,
John> John "GQ" Dollison Boulder, CO


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