[lug] IBM thinkpad X23

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Thu Jul 18 12:50:42 MDT 2002

Warren Sanders wrote:
> Try disabling DRI by commenting out 'Load "dri"' in the config file,
> then restart X.

I will second this, and add to also make sure the set screen saver is
not OpenGL. Although it is pretty hard to believe some of the apps and
time periods involved would use DRI or allow screensavers to kick in. If
you have outside networking, you might want to find out if it can still
be pinged, and perhaps enable either sshd or telnet while debugging, so
you can see if it really locked up, or if just the keyboard and video is
locked up. If you can get in and su to root, try running init to console
login level. If you have a serial port, try enabling the kernel debugger
and magic-sysrq and get a null modem cable for serial port login (you
can almost always get to the kernel debugger and get a backtrace even
under a full lockup if you have a serial port connect).

Btw, what graphics card does it have?

D. Stimits, stimits @ idcomm.com

> Hugh Brown wrote:
> >My boss got a new IBM thinkpad X23. and it is light as can be.  I just
> >installed rh 7.3 and have an interesting problem that I'm not quite sure
> >how to go about solving.
> >
> >Anytime I do anything that involves graphics (running X, authconfig,
> >etc), the system locks up within a minute or two.  I have to hard reboot
> >in order to bring the system back up.  It is a vanilla machine with all
> >the patches applied.
> >
> >I can't seem to reproduce the problem under win2k.

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