[lug] Free (or best offer) computer stuff

Franklin Bowen Franklin at Bowen.net
Sun Jul 21 11:52:24 MDT 2002

Free (or best offer) computer stuff.  This has all been used in the 
Windows/DOS world so I have no idea if it will work with Linux.  I just 
offer it here before going to the boulder.ads news group.

Printer: HP870Cse
- Used in W95, NT, and W2K.  Unfortunately later in life, upon power up and 
first print it was printing garbage about 50% of the time.  Easy to solve 
by powering off and back on with 100% cure rate.  If you keep on all the 
time should work great or if you don't mind some paper/toner waste.

Scanner: ImageReader Director, FB745
- Used in W95 & W2K.  Worked fine, replaced with a multi function 
device.  The company (Info) is no longer in business but I do have the W95 
driver CD and soft copy (5.7MB) of drivers that work with W2K.

Zip Disks: 2 of them, 100MB Iomega

CompactFlash: 16MB Kodak

MicroStation: CAD software from 1993, version 5 for the PC along with a set 
of manuals.  Also "Pocket MDL Programmer's Guide" 4.X

Games on floppy disks (have manuals for all):
Trog!                           1990    PC version of arcade game, 
Aces of the Pacific             1992    WWII flying game
Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe1990     WWII flying game
1942 The Pacific Air War        1992    WWII flying game
Aces Over Europer               1993    WWII flying game
B-17 Flying Fortress            1993    WWII flying game

MS Encarta 98 User's Guide
Battlezone "NSDF Filed Briefing 
Guide"  http://www.activision.com/games/battlezone/
QuickLink II floppy, from 1993

TView driver (for TV Tuner card)
Corel DRAW! 5, from 1994
OrCAD Enterprise EDA Solutions (Electrical Engineering demo CD)
Rage Incoming (some game, maybe demo only)

And finally something that actually has something to do with Linux, SUSE 
Linux 6.2 Unleashed CD (NO BOOK INCLUDED!).  This CD does not work with an 
AMD processor and it's SUSE's version of try before you buy.

Franklin Bowen (Franklin at Bowen.net)

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