[lug] Multiplexing Sound Device

Nate Duehr nate at natetech.com
Sun Jul 21 13:07:29 MDT 2002

The commercial drivers from OSS (www.opensound.com) used to be able to 
allow multiple access to /dev/audio, for example ... if I remember 
correctly ... on some sound cards.

They definitely have some features that the kernel and ALSA drivers 
don't have -- as an example, turning off the automatic mix of LINE IN to 
SPEAKER OUT that happens on older SoundBlaster cards with the kernel 
drivers WITHOUT muting LINE IN... stuff like that.

Might be worth asking them -- if the driver can mix it all prior to 
passing it to the card, you won't need sound server aware applications...

Nate, nate at natetech.com

Dhruva B. Reddy wrote:

> I have several applications (Flash, XMMS, xstella, etc.) that currently
> compete for direct access to my sound card.  Can anyone recommend a sound
> server that will let me multiplex sounds?
> I do not run a desktop environment (such as GNOME or KDE).  Is there a
> sound server that works with all applications (whether or not they know
> about sound servers)?
> Thanks,
> Dhruva
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