[lug] Free (or best offer) computer stuff

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Sun Jul 21 13:26:39 MDT 2002

I would like the flash card if i can have it

jd at taproot.bz

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>Subject: [lug] Free (or best offer) computer stuff
>Date: Sun, 21 Jul 2002 11:52:24 -0600
>Free (or best offer) computer stuff.  This has all been used in the 
>Windows/DOS world so I have no idea if it will work with Linux.  I just 
>offer it here before going to the boulder.ads news group.
>Printer: HP870Cse
>- Used in W95, NT, and W2K.  Unfortunately later in life, upon power up and 
>first print it was printing garbage about 50% of the time.  Easy to solve 
>by powering off and back on with 100% cure rate.  If you keep on all the 
>time should work great or if you don't mind some paper/toner waste.
>Scanner: ImageReader Director, FB745
>- Used in W95 & W2K.  Worked fine, replaced with a multi function device.  
>The company (Info) is no longer in business but I do have the W95 driver CD 
>and soft copy (5.7MB) of drivers that work with W2K.
>Zip Disks: 2 of them, 100MB Iomega
>CompactFlash: 16MB Kodak
>MicroStation: CAD software from 1993, version 5 for the PC along with a set 
>of manuals.  Also "Pocket MDL Programmer's Guide" 4.X
>Games on floppy disks (have manuals for all):
>Trog!                           1990    PC version of arcade game, 
>Aces of the Pacific             1992    WWII flying game
>Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe1990     WWII flying game
>1942 The Pacific Air War        1992    WWII flying game
>Aces Over Europer               1993    WWII flying game
>B-17 Flying Fortress            1993    WWII flying game
>MS Encarta 98 User's Guide
>Battlezone "NSDF Filed Briefing Guide"  
>QuickLink II floppy, from 1993
>TView driver (for TV Tuner card)
>Corel DRAW! 5, from 1994
>OrCAD Enterprise EDA Solutions (Electrical Engineering demo CD)
>Rage Incoming (some game, maybe demo only)
>And finally something that actually has something to do with Linux, SUSE 
>Linux 6.2 Unleashed CD (NO BOOK INCLUDED!).  This CD does not work with an 
>AMD processor and it's SUSE's version of try before you buy.
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