[lug] kernel support for Athlon

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Mon Jul 22 14:42:56 MDT 2002

Sorry I don't have advice for you, but what I can offer is proof your not 
the only one with these kinds of problems. I have a similar set up to yours, 
but w/ 2 Athlons and a Matrox G450 AGP and that I can say that I've noticed 
the problem as stated in the article you linked to, being that my system 
doesn't like me to 'intensly' push traffic across the AGP slot or oddly 
installs seem to hick-up when dealing with AGP configs...So just to let you 
know your not the only one with those kinds of problems...


>From: Ferdinand Schmid <fschmid at archenergy.com>
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>Subject: [lug] kernel support for Athlon
>Date: Mon, 22 Jul 2002 14:19:10 -0600
>I recently ran into an interesting problem with AthlonXP CPUs:
>I cannot compile a stable kernel when selecting Athlon as CPU type.  The 
>identical kernel configuration with one change: CPU Type = PentiumII ... 
>works just fine.
>My hardware:
>- Tyan Motherboard, AMD-760 MPX chipset
>- Single Athlon XP 1.9 GHz CPU
>- NVIDIA GeForce4 video (using the NVIDIA driver)
>- SuSE Linux 8.0 (using their 2.4.18 kernel)
>A google search points to problems between Athlon CPUs and AGP video cards; 
>  here is a sample link:
>Did anybody else on this list see similar problems / have answers to this 
>issue.  I am not on the kernel list and my info is purely based on a brief 
>web search.
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