[lug] ssh question

Rob Judd rjudd at mlug.missouri.edu
Mon Jul 22 17:02:18 MDT 2002

On Mon, 22 Jul 2002, Scott A. Herod wrote:

> I think S/Key is a one-time-only password generation and sync. tool.
> Check http://www.ece.nwu.edu/CSEL/skey/skey_eecs.html
> My guess would be that the target machine expects you to respond with an
> S/Key password.

This is correct - the remote sshd is configured to require an s/key login
rather than the regular login.  Note that s/key passwords are completely
unrelated to ssh keys, just as regular system passwords are unrelated to
ssh keys.

A quick explanation of how an s/key login goes is:

 - when you try to log in you are given an s/key challenge
 - you take the challenge and on a different window in your local machine
   run 'skey challenge' and type in your s/key password at the prompt.
 - this spits out a 16 - 20 character password which you then enter at
   the s/key challenge prompt.
 - if it correct it lets you log in.

Alternatively you can generate the passwords ahead of time and print them
out so that you can match up the challenge with the password and enter it
when prompted (the challenges are in sequence).  All of this requires that
you be set up with s/key on the remote machine ahead of time.

HTH, Rob

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