[lug] OT: IRC Quotes, very amusing.

Sean Reifschneider jafo at tummy.com
Tue Jul 23 03:20:24 MDT 2002

This loss of productivity is thanks to Evelyn.

Warning: Don't read this at work, I was laughing so hard I couldn't
breathe.  I even woke up the cat!  ;-)

There's a site out there that accepts, ranks and moderates quotes from IRC.
It's got some pretty amazingly funny ones, though if you're easily offended
you might want to give it a pass.


Things like:

   <Zanthis(ALE)> AFK, tornado


   <blazemore> LITTLETON, Colo. - Colorado officials plan to try a 15-year-old
      boy as an adult for allegedly offering a Sony PlayStation to have his
      aunt killed.
   <FlipTopBx> is it modded?


   <+kritical> christin: you need to learn how to figure out stuff
   <+Christin1> how do i do that

 Having been an entrprenuer, I value being a wage-slave in new ways.  I also
 more fully understand why I hate it.  -- Evelyn Mitchell, 1999
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