[lug] mkfs and large drives?

Anders Knudsen anders at theknudsens.net
Thu Jul 25 16:11:55 MDT 2002

Looking for some "suggestions" on the best options for mkfs'ing a 120GB drive.

I fdisked and created 1 partition for the entire 120GB. This is going to be 
a "data" drive...I'm ripping all my CDs and storing them on my linux 
machine so I can "jukebox" my songs. :)


I did a mkfs.ext3 (which puts the -j there for you) as follows:

      $ mkfs.ext3 -v -T largefile4 /dev/hdc1

Now, is this good "blocksize/inodesize" for a single 120gb partition? Or 
are there any tweeks anyone can suggest to make the best possible useage 
for this large of a partition?


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