[lug] Mac Hardware

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Fri Jul 26 14:16:22 MDT 2002

> To digress a touch -- I used to be an Apple engineer and had extensive
> work with A/UX which was Unix System V with a Macintosh desktop.

I actually worked on an A/UX box at my last job!  It is really the only
experience I have ever had with a Mac.  It was the only non-Linux box we
had in production, and it was our face to the world.  The reason we had it
was that it is totally un-interesting to script-kiddies.  Worked well, we
had some customer boxes owned, and some minor breeches on the Linux boxen,
but the A/UX box left all the 1337 d00dz scratching their heads.

One day the owner (Mike Erwin of O'Reilly's "Virtual Private Networks"
fame.  This was at Outernet Connection Strategies in Austin.) hooked a
monitor up to it just to show us the MacOS desktop.  Pretty slick deal. 
But he never paid me the $50 he bet me that I couldn't get bash running on
it.  :-(

Cool stuff.


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