[lug] current java package state

John E. Koontz koontz at boulder.nist.gov
Fri Jul 26 14:42:40 MDT 2002

At 02:30 PM 7/26/2002 -0600, you wrote:
>I'm still working on a system install (trying to make everything just the 
>way I want), and am at the Java install portion. I just noticed that 
>Mozilla 1 does not have Java enabled, and that it does not have it 
>available, apparently because there is no JRE on the system. Of the Java 
>packages out there, and desiring one which works well with threads/SMP, 
>mozilla, and most anything needing a JRE, which package is currently 
>recommended on Redhat? IBM? Blackdown.org? Other?

For the Linux version, I'd try Sun, though it won't come as a package.

John E. Koontz

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