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rm at fabula.de rm at fabula.de
Sun Jul 28 13:45:16 MDT 2002

On Sun, Jul 28, 2002 at 07:26:55PM +0000, j davis wrote:
> Hey,
>  So, i know this is lame but....I have a few customers who want to
> put up some web-pages that might get 10 hits a year, 9 of wich will be me.
> Anyway i want to host these pages on my dsl. I only have one ip and i am 
> hosting
> my own domain....so,could i use apache with name based hosting to do this.
> is this reliable, any pros or cons, or is name based host for something 
> completly diffrent? 

Yup, name based virtual hosts are your friends. They're meant to solve
exactly your problem (and today allmost _all_ browsers support HTTP 1.1).
There's some pretty good documentation at the apache website -- feel free
to contact me in case you have more questions.

> Also, i would host there mail accounts, i am still 
> pretty new to sendmail...

Then don't use it! ;-) Use postfix or something like it. Unless
you love pain and suffering and spending your afternoons and week-
ends with still the fattest book from O'Reighly.

 Ralf Mattes

P.S:- i'm not saying sendmail isn't a great tool - it just seems
to big for your needs.

> is setting up multiple domain mail with sendmail a 
> big deal?
> thanks,
> jd
> jd at taproot.bz
> http://www.taproot.bz
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