[lug] name based hosting

j davis davis_compz at hotmail.com
Sun Jul 28 13:52:39 MDT 2002

i have sendmail setup for my domain now, and i think im stopping
relaying via /etc/mail/access ? this right? And i like the idea of
there isp relaying mail anyway. When you say secure site..do you mean
i can only use https or ssl without name based host?


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>Subject: Re: [lug] name based hosting
>Date: Sun, 28 Jul 2002 13:40:18 -0600 (MDT)
> > Hey,
> >   So, i know this is lame but....I have a few customers who want to
> > put up some web-pages that might get 10 hits a year, 9 of wich will be
> > me. Anyway i want to host these pages on my dsl. I only have one ip and
> > i am  hosting
> > my own domain....so,could i use apache with name based hosting to do
> > this. is this reliable, any pros or cons, or is name based host for
> > something  completly diffrent?
>The downsides to name based hosting are 1. only works with HTTP 1.1 (which
>almost everyone uses) and the failure mode is ugly, 1.0 users get the
>default page 2. You can only host one secure site per IP*.
>It doesn't sound like either one of these is an issue for you, so I think
>you are on the right track.
> > Also, i would host there mail accounts, i
> > am still  pretty new to sendmail...is setting up multiple domain mail
> > with sendmail a  big deal?
>Check the docs on http://www.sendmail.org.  It isn't a big deal at all to
>receive mail for a domain.
>If you are going to accept mail from these people for delivery to
>arbitrary internet hosts you need to take steps to avoid becoming an open
>relay.  It is best if you can get them to relay their mail through their
>ISP.  If they have dynamic IPs and need you to do their outgoing mail it
>is going to be difficult for you.
>Good Luck!
>* technically you can only host one site per IP/port pair, but who wants
>to run a secure site on a non-standard port?
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