[lug] name based hosting

Rob Nagler nagler at bivio.biz
Sun Jul 28 14:03:51 MDT 2002

j davis writes:
> i have sendmail setup for my domain now, and i think im stopping
> relaying via /etc/mail/access ? this right? And i like the idea of
> there isp relaying mail anyway.

/etc/mail/relay-domains contains a list of hosts or IPs which can relay.
It's the simplest way.  /etc/mail/access is a bit more cumbersome to
configure.  access is used to restrict spammers and such, i.e. not
allow any incoming SMTP from specific hosts/domains.

> When you say secure site..do you mean
> i can only use https or ssl without name based host?

Yes, you need a unique IP address for SSL.  mod_ssl can't read the
message (to see the host to connect to) unless it knows which key
to decode the request with.


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