[lug] Mac Hardware

Philip Cooper phil at openvest.com
Fri Jul 26 13:23:54 MDT 2002

> Some pros: You can play with OS X: Apple has done a nice job of
> combining *nix and Macintosh. 

Yes.  I get my *nix appetite filled just fine with an OroborOSX
xwindows terminal under OS X.

> I'm not talking about the Aqua interface -- it get's boring after a
> while

I like that I can cut and paste from my browser to emacs in Aqua.
It's Gnome that doesn't quite work yet as a ui.

> Also, the programming environment ( Cocoa with ProjectBuilder and
> InterfaceBuilder is _quite_ impressive -- Gnome & KDE, have a look
> at this.

Wish the ObjectiveC' could run on my linux box.  If they can put Auqa
and all the NextStep stuff on top of BSD why not put it on top of linux
... then Apple would have a real intel based offering!

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