[lug] RH 7.3/anaconda/kickstart problem

D. Stimits stimits at idcomm.com
Mon Jul 29 03:07:11 MDT 2002

I am wondering, due to the part I've left in after massive editing, why 
the "keyboard" selector offers only the settings for various languages, 
e.g., "us" or "ANSI-dvorak", but it does not offer any kind of 101 key 
versus 104 key versus 105 key selection? Nor do the anaconda docs show 
any options concerning enable or disable of dead keys. In particular, 
this is definitely a 101 key ordinary (antique) keyboard, from a time 
when the "windows" keys (thankfully) did not yet exist. I specified 
interactive, and I specifically set it to plain old 101 key, yet the 
script is telling me it is pc105, so it seems like the anaconda system 
is failing to accept my keyboard setting. Aside from the anaconda docs 
that come with RH 7.3, does anyone know if there is a more "expanded" 
list of options, such as how I can force it (within the kickstart disk) 
to be 101 key generic keyboard?

D. Stimits, stimits AT idcomm.com

> lang en_US
> langsupport en_US --default en_US
> keyboard us
> interactive
> %packages
> ...snip...
> KeyError: rebootpanic
>   xconfig: XF86Config instance, containing members:
>     keyLayout: us
>     keyModel: pc105

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