[lug] Strange Red Hat experience

Peter Hutnick peter-lists at hutnick.com
Mon Jul 29 16:29:43 MDT 2002


I just lost power to my home "server" and when it came back up I couldn't
connect via SSH or HTTP.  I could ping, so I knew that it was back up. 
Sooo, I drug the monitor up from the basement and plugged it in. 
Everything looked fine.  Restarted services, fsck, yada, yada.  Still no

Finally I look at what daemons are running, and damned if ipchains and
iptables weren't running.  I don't run them normally, and don't have them
configured for my environment (i.e. to let SSH and HTTP through).  (Please
send chiding emails to /dev/null)  WTF?  I have had other power failures
and every thing has come up roses in the past.

Can anyone offer a rational explanation?


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