[lug] System.map corruption

Chris Riddoch socket at peakpeak.com
Mon Jul 29 18:49:51 MDT 2002

John Langley <jlangley at nh.netherhall.org.uk> writes:

> Hi Chris Riddoch,
> I picked up your comments on the above from:
> http://archive.lug.boulder.co.us/bymonth/2002.02/msg00454.html
> I was hoping to take a look at your System.map at:
> http://www.peakpeak.com/~socket/System.map
> But is seems to be missing.  Do you have it elsewhere?

Um... not that particular one, anymore. It's a kernel recompile or two
or three later, now. That message was from February, after all, and
I've got a relatively low quota for that website.

> I have the same problem - did you manage to find out what the problem was?

Yeah. The /boot/map file isn't the same thing as /boot/System.map. I
still don't know what exactly /boot/map *is*, but that doesn't seem to
matter much. The relevant fix is that it's not, as was described in
the same thread:

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