[lug] [OT] PHP rates?

Matthew Snelham infinite at sigkill.com
Mon Jul 29 14:59:51 MDT 2002

On 29 Jul 2002 02:20 PM or thereabouts, Barney Treadway wrote:
> Probably clearest apples to apples is to compare rates for ASP development.
> Our farm out rate for PHP is $125/hour if that helps.
> Sad thing is that not many know what php is capable of and consider it some
> hack programming language. We've converted many ASP, Perl, and "ColdLesion"
> apps to PHP/MySQL and EVERY one runs faster and cleaner.

I second this wholeheartedly. ;-)

Now, I have some experience hiring four PHP developers about a year ago... 
but all salaries will be in San Francisco Bay Area numbers, so adjust 
them accordingly.

Sr. Developer, 8 years exp, 3 yrs PHP, signifigant prior projects, proj
mgt.: 105K
Sr Developer, 12 years exp, 2 yrs PHP, number of smaller projects: 90K
Developer, 4 yrs PHP (he knew Rasmus), signifigant DB exp.: 80K
Developer, 2 yrs PHP, good DB skills, excellent perl portfolio: 80K

Hope that those and a grain of salt are useful to you. 

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