[lug] cheap network cards/quality

Dhruva B. Reddy bdhruva at gmx.net
Tue Jul 30 14:35:35 MDT 2002

I use D-Link 530-TX's.  They're kind of slow, (I've never seen more than
15Mbps within my LAN) but serve me well.  With the 2.4 kernel, they use
the 8139too driver.

On Tue, 30 Jul 2002 at 13:48:38 -0600, D. Stimits soliloquized thusly:
> Reading up some on cheap 10 MB/sec network cards, I believe most of the 
> comments were that tha NE2000 clones often work, but are unreliable due 
> to drivers that might on occasion hang during long/heavy use. I'm 
> looking for *cheap* 10 MB/sec (RJ45 connector) PCI nics (full duplex 
> capable), that are reliable. 3com was mentioned, 3c59x/3c90x were said 
> to be rock solid, provided the drivers used by the manufacturer were NOT 
> used (this'll probably use 2.4.18 RH, or a 2.4.19 rc3). CompUSA, Office 
> Max, Circuit City, or any of the local stores are the probably purchase 
> location. Can anyone here give recommendations on 3com and NE2000 
> clones, as to reliability? I'm mainly interested in 10 Mbit/sec, but 100 
> Mbit/sec if it is reliable might be worth the difference.
> D. Stimits, stimits AT idcomm.com

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