[lug] Unrecognized devices -- do I need to worry about them?

Michael Kahn mkahn at fast-track.com
Tue Jul 30 17:15:08 MDT 2002


I recently installed Mandrake but have seen the following in other installations.
After a successful install, with the system behaving smoothly (so I should be
happy, right!), I check the control panel, look at the hardware descriptions,
and always see one or more devices listed under "? Other Devices". Invariably,
they are various bridge devices from the motherboard. For example, in my most 
recent install on a ThinkPad T20, I have the following "? Other Devices":
- Xircom Unknown
- Intel Corporation 82371AB PIIX4 ISA
- Intel Corporation X2371AB PIIX4 ACPI

Under the comments for each of the above, it get the following message 
(using the ISA device as an example):
"This device hasn't been identified by HardDrake, please send
`/proc/bus/*' files and this device ID `80867110' to:
harddrake at mandrakesoft.com" 

(For those not familiar with Mandrake, HardDrake is Mandrake's hardware recognition

In other installations, I get a slightly different set of unidentified hardware
objects. In every case, the machine seems to run just fine.

So, is it "no harm, no foul" or am I missing opportunities for stupendous performance
improvements if I take the time to inform the kernel about these items? If it is the
later case, can somebody step me through the sequence of events I need to do to locate,
identify and install the appropriate modules.


mkahn at fast-track.com
mgkahn at yahoo.com

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